Change to Weekly
Top Daily Overall Exp
2A Timethief15,743,266
5Een draakje13,657,704

Top Daily Combat Exp
2A Timethief15,406,720
5Een draakje11,556,167

Top Daily Skills Exp
Tigern Ulf3,875,211
match killer5,954,477
x hypetalk x9,158,829
Badboy o08,095,546
sven sulvan3,980,713
att pot9,515,390
l v o2,163,982
Skiller 70311,491,999
Nasty Doxir4,583,693
Runetraxx Announcement
03 September 2013 - Divination

Divination trackable!

Since today Divination is added to the tracker.
One thing is: there is no image (yet), but I'm still working on this.
Sorry for the delay, didn't had a manual, and had to change everything without instructions.

Runetraxx Announcement
04 Januari 2013 - Happy NewYear

Happy Newyear!

I want to wish everyone a happy and skillfull 2013
And I had to say: Ghostkool is lief :P

Runetraxx Announcement
09 Februari 2012 - RuneTraxx Safety

Hey RuneTraxxers!

in the night from wednesday to thursday RuneTraxx gave a lot of SQL errors, looked kinda scary and freaky.
I can confirm a few things:
- No database is hacked
- Passwords are encrypted, so even when someone can get access it just see a bunch of code instead of actual passwords.
- To prevent any problems which happened then I killed the login-script, so everyone got a white screen with a line-4 error for a certain script.
- I fixed the data later on the day after because I still had to work and I didn't want to risk anything happened to the database while I wasn't there
All your information is still safe, and the tracking will be better this night!

Runetraxx Announcement
25 November 2011 - RuneScape Update

Hey RuneScape players

RuneScape updated their website last week and as you might have noticed, they blocked Free to Play players (Nonmembers) from using the highscores.
This cause some major problems on RuneTraxx
A few things which doesn't work anymore: Skill tracking for F2P, Boss Droplog (prices) GP/XP page and the higscores.
If someone registered at RuneTraxx is F2P and train their skills to 99 and become member, he/she will instant hit the highscores for 13M+ exp
I'm in contact with Jagex together with other clan, fansite and tipsite owners to solve some issues we are having now.
Jagex is fighting against bots, but also every tipsite right now. every tipsite is having these issues right now and we cannot apologize more.
RuneTraxx will stay active for members as a tracking website. I WISH I could give more information about the G-E database and the F2P lvl tracker, but I just don't have any info.

Runetraxx Announcement
25 October 2011 - RuneTraxx Twitter

Hey all socialisers!

RuneTraxx is now active on Twitter
Follow @RuneTraxx for smaller updates about the site
You can also @reply me if there are any questions, for problems, please create a topic in our forums
Don't forget to spread the #RuneTraxx topic!

Runetraxx Announcement
25 October 2011 - Boss Droplogs

Hi Bosshunters!

As requested, there are 2 extra droplogs added, Glacors and Nex
I choose to add the regular drops, but not the "Rare drop table" drops, so it could be possible that some drops aren't listened there.
I might add an extra Rare Drop Table-log later, until then, sorry for that

Runetraxx Announcement
30 September 2011 - Signatures

Hey everyone!

As some of you might already have noticed, some of the old signature have been replaced with new designs.
At this moment I have replaced 3 designs already, and got a total of 8 changes ready to be edited for signature use.
There are 13 signatures design-spots available, so I keep 5 designs open!

You can sent some ideas or images of the design you want, and maybe we will see your design soon on the RuneTraxx Signature!

Runetraxx Announcement
15 September 2011 - Continue

Hey all RuneTraxx visitors, fans and everyone I forget

I'm happy to tell you that RuneTraxx doesn't stop excisting (w00t!!!) but haves a new owner!
A small introduction:
RSN: Lodan
Real Name: Max
Age: 20
Hobbies: Questing, work
Main Language: Dutch
Color I like most: Blue
Some things on RuneTraxx will change, like now I'm planning to create some extra designs for signatures, but don't fear for the bigger thing, as Runetraxx will stay working as it works now.

I want to thank Theclown04 for his great work on the site, the time he spend on it, and the major work he have done for all of us.

Runetraxx Announcement
9 September 2011 - Quiting

Hiya guys

I'm sorry guys but I'm quiting RuneTraxx. I barely played RuneScape as it is already because of messed up updates and nothing being done about bots
But today my former best online friend decided to stake my bank and obviously lost it. Pretty much everythings gone and I don't want to see him or the game again
I hope you understand it
I would like to thank you all for being part of my site, take care

If you feel like replying to this you can do it here

Runetraxx Announcement
26 July 2011 - Signatures

Hello traxxers,
RuneTraxx needs your help! We're looking for backgrounds & more to update our signatures with! Please check this page to find out more

Runetraxx Announcement
06 June 2010 - Downtime

Heya all, the hosting company is going to upgrade their routers, which means RuneTraxx will most likely be down when it starts updating tonight. Your stats will probably not be saved untill tomorrow again. Sorry for 2 days of no tracking :(

Runetraxx Announcement
03 June 2010 - Boss droplogs!

I proudly present our new update today; a boss droplog! On this page you're able to log all of your monster drops with one simple click, you're able to see how much you've earned with the drops and ofcourse how many you've slain! I hope it'll be usefull for you, enjoy

As well, I changed the 'change settings' page (at your right top); you can now delete your RuneTraxx account yourself (in case you created a new one for your new runescape name, etc). Remember that it will permanently delete your account!

Runetraxx Announcement
02 June 2010 - 10,000!

Hello Traxxers!
We have reached the 10,000 members milestone!! Hooray :D I'd like to thank you all for making this possible!
Though, our next goal shall be to reach 10,000 once again. I have noticed RuneTraxx has quite some unused accounts, so I have decided to delete all accounts that have not logged in this year. At this moment thats like 5,000 accounts, which is quite a lot if you ask me. If you don't want to lose your account, just log in on RuneTraxx before the 10th.. I shall be emailing all unused accounts as well! Happy Traxxing

Runetraxx Announcement
04 May 2010 - Gp/xp/level

Greetings! Today I've slightly updated the gp/xp page, you can now make calculations how much it'd cost for a level rather than just seeing the cost per xp on the gp/xp page! Enjoy it here

Runetraxx Announcement
10 March 2010 - Xp weekend

Heya all, as you can see in the poll, most people dont want RuneTraxx to track during the xp weekends. This means no tracking will be done from friday till monday! Enjoy your traxxless xp weekend ;)

Runetraxx Announcement
22 February 2010 - Updating

I've made a small change to the updating system today, this'll cause users being saved in batches of 300 (instead of saving every single user right away). This means that you might have to wait a little longer (a few minutes tops) till your user has been processed, but it'll save a lot of the database capacity!

Runetraxx Announcement
14 February 2010 - Competition

Heya guys! Happy valentine ;)
A little present for you all, the first update of this year is here! A competition page. Here you can create a skillwar against others, or friends or for your clan or against other clans! It's too much to describe! So check it out quickly here

Runetraxx Announcement
22 December 2009 - Gp / Xp

Hello, I made a really small and quick update since I'm quite busy these days, its a page with calculations how much gp 1 xp costs in certain skills. It updates the price automatically when the Grand Exchange updates, so it should work great ;). Check it out here
If you feel like some gp/xp's are missing, feel free to post them here. Dont forget to provide ALL the items needed, which skill it is and how much experience you'll gain!

Runetraxx Announcement
09 December 2009 - Experience highscores

Took a bit longer than expected, but the other 'little' update is here! There are now 2 different best daily and weekly highscores - one where it's ranked by best highscore per individual user (1 user can only appear once in that highscore) and one where it's ranked by best experience (1 user can appear multiple times in the highscore). Enjoy!

Runetraxx Announcement
03 December 2009 - Player highscore

Small update, a friend suggested this; you can now look up another player's personal highscore on the Player Highscore page (under the extra's tab). Enjoy! (You can expect another update to the best daily/weekly highscores tomorrow or the day after as well!)

Runetraxx Announcement
24 November 2009 - New design!

I hope you have noticed it! (it would be really bad if you haven't) RuneTraxx has gotten a make over! The whole design is created by Umekosito, who has really done a really awesome job by making RuneTraxx looking a lot better! Kudos to him ofcourse

I hope you all can enjoy this design, if you want to let us know what your opinion is about the new design, please post here

Runetraxx Announcement
31 October 2009 - Regarding the adds

Hey there, thanks to the feedback at the forum it seems there are 2 problems with this site; the looks & the adds.
As for the looks, I just suck at designing, and besides that I'm colorblind so apparently I pick colors that dont match! Someone else is working on a new design though, we'll have to wait and see if it's any better
Anyway about the adds. I pay 20 euro / month for this hosting, the adds earn me about 10 euro / month, which is only like half of the monthly cost.
Yet the adds are annoying, so there are 2 things we can do
Either find a better advertise site with better adds (I've tried everything I could but I really can't find anything better, maybe someone else could help me out)
Or create a donate button to collect enough for a year and get rid of the all the adds

You can discuss this here

Runetraxx Announcement
29 October 2009 - Clan page

The development of the clan page is finally done, you can now create clans on RuneTraxx. People can apply to it, or get invited for one, simply by searching for a clan/username and select the next action.
I hope the clanpage is what you guys are looking for. Once everyone has started & joined a clan, I'll add a skillwar feature too, where you can challenge other clans and win! This'll allow RuneTraxx to create an official ranking system, I hope this is something to look forward too ;)

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask it at this thread

Runetraxx Announcement
28 October 2009 - Last update worked!

Hi just to let you guys know - the update of 2 days ago to get rid of 66% of the database has worked out, everyone was updated within 15 minutes today, where it took over 75 minutes before! Enjoy the new faster updates!

Runetraxx Announcement
26 October 2009 - Best daily/weekly highscore change

Today there has been a small change to the best daily and weekly highscores - these are now sorted by the best experience for every player, so now you'll find 25 different players in the top 25.
This change was made to get rid of 66% of the database, I'm hoping that this'll allow RuneTraxx to update faster, besides that it was a necessary update for the Clan page that's coming up
My apologies if tonight's update goes wrong, I won't be online to check it - I'll fix it tomorrow if it the update screws up

Runetraxx Announcement
09 October 2009 - Trouble updating

Hi there, it's 1:10 am at the moment, and I've just noticed that only 650 members are updated so far and people are getting updated like 1 per 2 seconds. There's a serious problem and I'll try solve it.. I'll let you know when it is!

Alright it's fixed now.. that's why RuneTraxx was down! I hope updating will go as fast as it used to be now again!
EDIT: It seems all users have been updated in less than 20 minutes.. Hooray!

Runetraxx Announcement
03 October 2009 - Name changing

Hello! I've been working hard to find a way for us Traxxers to change their name AND keep their old progress.. I think it's done now, might be bugged for a few days, if you find any bugs please report them on the forum.
In order to change your name, press Change Settings and change your name!

NOTE 1: I suppose some people already created a new account, and now want their account name changed.. Please read this

NOTE 2: If you change your RuneTraxx runescape name, you still log in with the same username/password, you've only changed your runescape name!

NOTE 3: About the new updating system, it barely improved anything. I've contacted Mod Mark to ask if they could change their "hiscore lite" page.. He didn't know what it was and told me he was going to get an website specialist on it.. Guess we'll have to wait!

Runetraxx Announcement
27 September 2009 - Updating

With some help I've made some changes to the updating system, not sure if it'll make it any faster but lets hope it will! Also I've asked a J mod if they could make some changes to their hiscore lite page, which could help RuneTraxx a lot to speed up the process

Runetraxx Announcement
13 September 2009 - Todays personal progress

Hey, a small request was to be able to see the progress you've made so far today. And here it is, enjoy!

Runetraxx Announcement
3 September 2009 - Updating

After a few days with having trouble to update, it should be all fine now. I did notice however that it took an hour to update these days, so I've changed it. I hope it'll work!

Runetraxx Announcement
10 August 2009 - Little changes

Heya, back from vacation now, so i changed some things to the site that were requested on the forums. You can now see your rank at the daily and weekly skills, and i changed the update system too (i noticed that it still didnt update everyones weekly highscores). The best daily & best weekly will now be updated at 1:00 am GMT+1

Runetraxx Announcement
23 July 2009 - Lost password / email activation

Alright, those 2 are finally working now, you should now be able to retrieve your password now, or resend your activation to your email again

Runetraxx Announcement
22 July 2009 - Experience per hour!

I guess a lot of people have been waiting for this, the return of the experience per hour page!
It's been changed a bit, you can now add your experience rates to categorys of a skill, and you can vote on the experience rates that are right, making it A LOT more accurate than before.
Enjoy it, and please feel free to add your information!
NOTE: To all forum moderators, please process some off the submitted new categorys every once in a while

Runetraxx Announcement
4 June 2009 - Advertising

Hey there,
As you've probably noticed, runetraxx has some adds now. I've disabled the popups again, but I'm not sure if the banners will generate enough money on its own.
There's 2 things we can do IF it turns out that its not enough:
Allowing the popups we had, which are annoying in my opinion.
Allowing a different kind of advertising - like an add which takes up the whole page and you have to press 'skip' to get rid of it.
Please let me know on the forum what you prefer, thanks :).

NOTE: A lot of you have been asking for the return of the "Exp an hour" page. This WILL come back - I've been working on other sites lately for my job, and I didn't really feel like working on RuneTraxx in my spare time as well. It'll be here soon enough though

Runetraxx Announcement
17 April 2009 - RuneTraxx back online!

Yarr folks, it sure took a while but RuneTraxx is back online! And as you can see, with a new look ;).
This means though that there are barely any pages ready so far, I'll be working hard to get them back online, it might take a few days though.

Working pages so far:
Home page + login;
Personal daily progress;
Daily highscores;
Weekly highscores;
Best daily highscores;
Best weekly highscores;
Forums (well beta kinda);
Register + activation;
Signatures (limit increased to 10.000, will be more later);
Player lookup;
Personal highscores (speed greatly increased);
Race a Traxxer;

My aim is to get the most necessary pages online as soon as possible, then I'll try to get the forum online, for some feedback :). Happy traxxing!

Runetraxx Announcement
28 March 2009 - RuneTraxx errors

The hosting company has limited RuneTraxx today because "there are too many databases requests". They did it without even noticing me, but dont worry, I'm gonna look for another hosting to host RuneTraxx at! It will probably take a few weeks till its all set, sorry for the errors but I can't help them at all.

Runetraxx Announcement
10 March 2009 - RuneTraxx suspended

Ehh sorry guys, I screwed up! It appears that when i changed our RuneTraxx irc-bot, it didnt close itself anymore if it was already running. Therefore 62 processes were running on the server, which nearly killed the whole server.. So yeah, they locked RuneTraxx. It should be fixed now though :).

Runetraxx Announcement
07 March 2009 - Weekly account delete

Due the people who register with the wrong emailadres and such, unactivated accounts get now deleted after a week automatically. You can try to register it again after that week.

Runetraxx Announcement
22 December 2008 - Signatures

The viewlimits at the signatures have been trippled to 7500 instead of 2500! Enjoy.

Runetraxx Announcement
11 December 2008 - Grand Exchange bugs

As you probably noticed, the G/E on RuneTraxx isn't updating. This is because the G/E on runescape is bugged. RuneTraxx checks every 30 minutes if the "Most Traded Items" are changed, there's no possibility its the same every day (G/e updates at random times). However, the most traded items and most valuable items didn't change for 3 days in a row because of a bug. I'm sorry, but we'll have to wait till jagex fixes this.

Runetraxx Announcement
4 December 2008 - Activation Email

Edit: It should be fixed by new, all new members receive a new activation mail.
It seems Hotmail is blocking emails send from RuneTraxx's hosting provider. Therefore new members cant activate their account.
I'm looking for a solution, untill then, you can activate your account by clicking on this link: USERNAME&password=YOUR PASSWORD
For example,
I hope this will be fixed soon.

Runetraxx Announcement
9 October 2008 - Races

You can now add races versus yourself (eventhough that's rather odd ;)). Some people mailed me because it's easier to track your own progress (it was already possible due a bug in the script), but it should be better now. Enjoy!

Runetraxx Announcement
5 October 2008 - Philippines

Philippines has been added to the list of country's, you can now register with it. If you already are a member and are from Philippines, you can change your country by clicking on Change settings when you're logged in.

Runetraxx Announcement
17 September 2008 - IRC Bot

Our IRC Bot is back online. It can look up the progress of people registered at runetraxx, look up their stats and way more! Give it a try by typing /invite RuneTraxx #channelname.

Runetraxx Announcement
17 September 2008 - Russia

Russia has been added to the list of country's, you can now register with it. If you already are a member and are from Russia, you can change your country by clicking on Change settings when you're logged in.

Runetraxx Announcement
15 August 2008 - Signatures.

Retry for the signatures today. They all have a black background now (hmpf, bit ugly yes), but they require way less space now :) You can now use the link for your signature again. Forgot it? Quickly make a new one! ;)